What to expect in an Integrated Therapy Session . . .


An Integrated Therapy Session begins with a check-in, answering questions, and a discussion of the application of these practices in your life. We then start with breath awareness, using Dirgha or 3-part breath and alternate nostril breathing. Next, is a sequence of gentle movements that are coordinated with your breath, drawing your focus inward while also stretching and warming your body. Each session ends with a restorative yoga posture and guided meditation for deep relaxation.  


For your body . . .

  • Release chronic tension

  • De-stress and refresh


For your mind . . .

  • Calm restless thoughts

  • Cultivate concentration

  • Support mental clarity and confidence


For your spirit . . .

  • Encourage self-acceptance

  • Honor inner wisdom

  • Invite deep peace

 Integrated Therapy (meditation & yoga)


Someone once asked the Buddha, "You have meditated for many years. What have you gained?" "Nothing!" the Buddha replied, "but I can tell you what I have lost: anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, fear of old age and death." 

Kripalu Gentle & Restorative Yoga

Email: crystal@tlgcounseling.com to inquire about individual yoga.



"It's [meditation] worth doing and set aside any pre-conceived ideas about what it is or what isn't and just give it a try...everyone could benefit from what is taught here."                                                                          



"...It's not what you expect it to be, it's effective and helpful.  [I] would encourage others to join!"      




"It is an easy and comfortable way to get your feet wet with meditation."




"I'm not a yogi, yet restorative yoga is truly relaxing and geniunely makes the aches and pains feel better."                                                                                                                                                



"[Restorative] yoga is really relaxing and makes my anxiety go away."                                                  









Integrated Therapy

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