8 Steps to Transformation Meditation Practice

Beginning Monday, November 23rd 4-week Series of Transformation Meditation at The Looking Glass Counseling & Wellness.  Click here for more information.


Eight Steps to Transformation Meditation Practice (abridged)


  1. Sit with your back comfortably straight, your head and neck aligned with the spine as much as possible.

  2. Gently close your eyes or place your gaze downward.

  3. Notice the space you see in front of your closed eyes.

  4. Make an imaginary circle in the middle of the space, the circumference of which is according to your own imagination.

  5. From the center of the circle, coming as if to your eyes, begin to speak a mantra.  For example, Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum, I am immortal I am blissful.  Or, I am peaceful, I am calm, I am grateful, I am compassionate.

  6. Focus your attention on the last syllable of each word and the next syllable of the next word, notice the space.  Repeat.

  7. Be aware and observe the Knower who knows how to speak the mantra, how to listen to the words in silence, and how to know the meaning contained in these words.

  8. During this period, thoughts will come, arise, stay or go away.  You remain neutral to them and let them to be.  You are focused on the Knower, realizing that the Knower is Pure Consciousness, Pure Existence and Bliss.  Continue meditating and holding this realization for several minutes.




Reverses the fight or flight response (stress); helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels; reduces the heart rate and the oxygen requirement of the body by 10-20% in the first 3 minutes; increases awareness and alertness.





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