Demystifying Change

An Experiential Retreat

Upcoming retreat: Spring 2017

To learn more:

Call 1 (800) 291-8975 or email:

What does it mean to demystify change?


It means learning that change is a process, not an event.  This weekend will explain how that happens, as well as how you can unlock answers & insights you hold inside of you right now.  This is not an ordinary yoga retreat.  In fact, it's not a yoga retreat.  Yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, & writing are tools. As is learning, review of the literature, discussion, and individual & group activities. All designed to gain greater clarity in your life.


What you'll learn:


  • What your body remembers

  • What neuroscience has discovered about change

  • Power of intention

  • Tools to unlock the cluttered spaces


What you'll experience:



What you'll discover:  A CLEARER YOU!


Retreat Myths:


  • You have to be a yogi (or advanced yoga student)

  • Meditation is boring & impossible

  • Change is not really possible

  • No one goes alone

  • It's just a self indulgent luxury


Call or Email for Retreat Pricing

1 (800) 291-8975

Contact us for more information!

Sample Retreat Schedule






7pm-Dinner at Inn or in town


8-10pm-Opening Session




7-7:30am-Morning Meditation


8-9am-Breakfast (silence optional)


9:15-11:30pm-Morning Session (gentle & restorative yoga included, optional)




12:30-2:30pm-Explore the area, hike, ski, snowshoe, get a massage, or just relax


2:30-5pm-Afternoon Session (gentle & restorative yoga included, optional)


6pm-Dinner at the Inn or in town


8-10pm-Painting Party (optional)




7-7:30am-Morning Meditation


8-9am-Breakfast (silence optional)


9:15-12pm-Closing Session (gentle & restorative yoga included, optional)


12pm-Relax at the Inn until check-out, explore the area, guided mindful skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, or whatever calls to you to complete your weekend.


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