Do you need a substance abuse evaluation?  Often if you have been involved with the court system due to charges pertaining to use of alcohol or other drugs you will be ordered to meet with a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC).  As a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor I do a comprehensive assessment in the following areas:

*Substance abuse history

*Mental health history

*Psychosocial history and functioning

*Medical and health status

*Employment and job status

*Social and family relationships

*Educational status

*Legal status

*Substance abuse/Addiction treatment history

*Mental health treatment history

*Prior experience with self help recovery groups

*Motivation or readiness for treatment

*Family history of mental health and substance abuse disorders

Assessments are completed over two sessions, which are not covered by most insurance companies. The total fee for an assessment and report is $350. After we have met, and the above information has been collected, I make, if necessary, a diagnosis and treatment recommendation. The finished report will be available within 10 business days and can be delivered via fax, mail and/or email.

*Please obtain accurate information as to what credentialing is required for your evaluation. If you have been ordered by a court outside of the state, they may not accept a LADC in Massachusetts. Clarifying this issue in the beginning can potentially save you time and money.


LADC or Substance Abuse Evaluations

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