Do you feel confused as to what substance abuse treatment is, or if you need it?  


Are you concerned, if in treatment, it will only be a matter of time before you 'pick up' again once you leave the program?

Do you have a difficult time 'buying' into there is 'only' one way to get and stay sober (such as being a part of AA)?

Do you wonder if there is another approach to help with substance abuse that does not require abstinence?  

Does it feel as if your family and friends just don't understand and believe if you were only 'good' enough, or loved them enough, that your behavior would change?


AND, for those who have achieved abstinence or reduced use, how can you maintain this?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could potentially use some help.  


With over a decade of treating substance abuse, I've consistently seen a gap between assisting a client explore their issues with substance use/abuse, and being able to meet a client where they are. Today's most prevalent treatment model, abstinence-only, does not serve clients who are not yet ready to stop using OR whose goals don't include stopping forever. 

There is another way…


Harm Reduction approaches have been around for decades. The premise is to reduce harm, period.  Harm Reduction is an accepted approach in mitigating harm for IV use (needle exchange programs), STD's (condoms), and even driving a car (wearing a seat belt).  


Unfortunately, Harm Reduction is not widely used in the treatment of alcohol and drug use.  As such, abstinence-only treatments are what most people find when seeking help. 


Harm Reduction does not establish your goals for you. Rather, you establish them. Whether you wish to moderate or do want to stop, whatever your objective, Harm Reduction supports your goals.  Harm Reduction does not exclude abstinence nor participation in Twelve Step Programs, merely it opens the door to additional methods to help you reduce harm in your life.


Or are you seeking help in achieving abstinence or maintaining your abstinence?


If you have not achieved abstinence and would like assistance in a traditional approach to Substance Abuse Treatment, I offer services supporting, educating & encouraging participation in all 12-Step Programs, as well as Cognitive-Behavioral based Programs;


Have already achieved abstinence? Relapse Prevention is your next step in maintaining your sobriety.  Relapse Prevention is a critical part of recovery, which many do not have the opportunity to spend the time needed in learning important skills from planning ahead to cognitive/behavioral strategies. Amazingly, these skills, tools, and know-how are identical to the ones used to mitigate harm.


If you are committed to exploring and/or changing your relationship with substances and want help, email: or call for more information. 


We all have the capacity to make changes, let's discover what works for you.




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