What happens at my first psychotherapy appointment?


The first appointment focuses on getting to know one another. You are asked to fill out a Registration Form, with your basic demographic information, insurance information (if that applies), how you found out about us, and why you decided to come to us. We also review your rights as a client, confidentiality policies, and your consent to treatment. Background information will be collected, and your hopes and potential goals will be discussed. (Note: you can download both forms to review and complete before your appointment. The forms will also be provided when you come in for your appointment).

How long are appointments?


Psychotherapy and Integrated Therapy appointments are 50 minutes.  LADC Evaluations are 2 individual sessions; 50 minutes each.

Why does it help to talk to a stranger?


Often, new clients express a certain amount of doubt that speaking to someone they don't know will be helpful. The relationship between a client and therapist is unique. It can also be very powerful. Of course, as most of us know, it helps to talk, especially if the person you are speaking to is listening. In the end, most people discover that talking to a therapist is much easier than to someone from their personal life because your therapist is there to listen, assist you in clarifying what may feel confusing, as well as to offer you validation-as opposed to advice.




What if I'm not the one that needs help?


If someone in your life is struggling with an emotional issue, you could potentially need help yourself. It takes a great deal of work to support and care for someone and you need care and attention as well. You may also find it useful to gain more information about the issue(s), such as substance dependence, depression, anxiety, trauma, and so on, that the person close to you is struggling with.

What if I'm having issues in my relationship and my partner/spouse won't come to sessions?


It is great when both parties are willing to come in for help. Yet, a great deal of work can happen even if the other person does not attend. Learning about yourself, understanding what you want, and changing ways that you respond (or don't), can make significant changes in your relationship.


Frequently Asked Questions:




What services does The Looking Glass Counseling & Wellness provide?


The Looking Glass Counseling & Wellness provides Individual & Couple's psychotherapySubstance Abuse ServicesLADC Evaluations, & Integrated Therapy (mind/body).

How much do services cost?


Psychotherapy and Integrated Sessions are covered by insurance. Please vist the Fees and Insurance page for futher information.



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